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How to find the right location for your Maui wedding. One of the first things that come to mind for many when considering a tropical wedding is the thought of getting married on a romantic beach with palm trees swaying and the sun setting in the background. Although, this is a popular destination wedding dream, there are other interesting and creative sites and facilities from which to choose: a garden, waterfall, chapel, resort, yacht, in the air or underwater.

In selecting your wedding site, you need to consider the region. In helping you choose a location, we will consider the commute between you and your guests' accommodations and the wedding site or facility. The region you select can limit your choice of service providers. Some officiant, ministers, photographers, cinematographers, and other service providers will not go to all wedding sites. They work only in certain regions.

Climate is another consideration. The different regions of Maui have more rainfall and wind than other areas.

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How to find the right beach on Maui, Hawaii. There are many types of beaches on Maui, not all are good for a wedding ceremony or vow renewal; this is another way our experience is invaluable. Some beaches tend to attract a rowdy crowd and others tend to be rocky, or have the stinky red seaweed. What was a good beach last week or last year, may not be a good beach now because the beaches shift and change from season to season and not always in a predictable way. Not all beaches have gorgeous sunsets, abundant parking, public restrooms, or are easily accessible for all members of the wedding party.

A beach wedding may not be suitable for your style of wedding. With a beach wedding, you cannot have chairs, arches, and other fixtures. Amplified music and alcohol are not allowed on the beach. You can have a flower circle or heart, but there is a cleanup fee. There are no reservations for the beach. You may not be the only wedding on the beach and there may be others playing on the beach. If you require privacy, you should consider a private location. There is not a back up for rain on a public beach. Very few weddings are actually rained out on Maui. All beaches in Hawaii are public and free, but require a permit from the State for any event.

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There are a number of pretty churches on Maui where one may hold a wedding. Usually it is a matter of donating to the church. There is an endless list of specific denomination churches and temples on Maui. We have only listed a few sites that are willing to hold non-denominational wedding ceremonies. Ask your wedding planner about specific denomination wedding ceremonies and locations.

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Maui Park WeddingGardens & Parks:
There are several gardens and restaurants ideal for weddings on Maui. Some gardens have waterfalls, bridges, and gazebos. They all involve a fee.

Resort Hotels are another common wedding ceremony or reception location on Maui. Nearly all charge a fee for their grounds usage, even when you are a guest at the resort. Another consideration, many resorts require the use of their bakery and/or its catering staff and will not allow outside food and beverage in the facility. A resort's wedding cake and catering are much more expensive than ours are.

Resort Condominiums are an alternative, and some do allow guests to use the grounds and facilities without additional charges. Condominium resorts usually do not have a bakery or restaurant and will allow you to order your cake, champagne, and other food service from outside vendors.

Private Estates: There are a number of spectacular private estates and fabulous homes on Maui available for weddings. Many of these have beautiful and unique facilities for the bridal party to dress and prepare for the ceremony, also a great photo op.

Private Estates do typically require a licensed wedding or special event planning company to be on-site during the event and to represent the client as the on-island contact.

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Maui HelicopterThe Unique:

If you desire, you can have a creative underwater ceremony with an officiant who is a master diver. Another unusual location is at the Maui Ocean Center (aquarium). A helicopter could whisk you, your officiant, photographer, and maybe a guest or two off to a remote location, or charter a private sailboat and tie the knot in the open water.

If you have a wild idea give us a call, we will find the right people to fulfill your dream of a wedding in paradise.


Notes: Maui, Hawaii is in the tropics, and the lush beauty of the exotic tropical landscape comes from the rain and nature’s elements. We so create a contingency plan, since we simply cannot control Mother Nature. If it does rain on a wedding ceremony, it is considered a blessing by the Hawaiians.

Often at beach weddings, there are others out enjoying the day. It is a rare occasion that beach goers are not courteous and respectful of a wedding ceremony. Sometimes, people may stop and watch; just consider them your surprise guests wishing you well. Our photographers are good at avoiding having others in your wedding photographs.


The island is divided into regions:
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