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The 22 Most Frequently Asked Questions for a Destination Wedding on Maui


Maui Wedding Toast 1. How do we start planning a destination wedding?

• That depends on what planning you have done thus far. Do you have a written list of the things you have always dreamed of having in your wedding? Do you have a written list of the people who must attend and their role in your wedding? Do you know whether you want your wedding on the beach at sunset, by a waterfall, in a chapel, or another type of tropical wedding in paradise?

• Start with writing a few lists.


2. What if we do not have all the details fine-tuned, or who all will be involved for our tropical wedding in paradise?

• That is not uncommon. If you do not have all the details figured out, we can help you define what is most important to you. We can start with a simple package. It is important to start somewhere so you can book your officiator, photographer, and florist as soon as possible. These people are in high demand and get booked quickly.

• Once you have booked your wedding. You do need to start thinking about flower details. What flowers and colors do you want? Booking the florist early will give our florist time to source hard to find flowers and let you know whether your flowers and greens do well in Hawaii's heat or a windy beach. Some flowers do not ship well to Hawaii and are not advisable. Now, is the time to find out.


3. How do we book a wedding if we do not know which Maui officiator we want?

• We know the officiators, tell us about yourselves and we can help you select the officiator that best meshes with your beliefs and personalities.


4. How far in advance do we need to book our Hawaiian wedding?

• It is best to book your wedding six months to a year in advance to get your first choice of service providers. Nevertheless, we do last minutes weddings too. If you want Valentine's Day, 08-08-08, or some other significant date, today is not soon enough.


5. I am unsure about some of the options; they seem so cliche and silly?

• They may seem that way being thousands of miles away. Do not use things with which you are not comfortable. When you get to Maui, they will seem different. The choice is yours.


6. Why do we need a wedding planner, we know Maui?

• Even those who live in Hawaii use a wedding planner. Being thousands of miles away you may not be aware of the latest happenings on the islands. Which beaches have changed because of storms. Where construction is under way.

• We know the professionals. We know who are truly good from those who only sound good.


7. Doesn't using a wedding planner cost more money?

• No, more often than not, using a wedding planner will cost you less, and more importantly, she will see that you receive the most for your money. The best of the best wedding providers only book through a wedding planner.

• Our prices are not the highest, nor are they the lowest. We believe our prices are fair to your and fair to your service providers.


Maui Wedding Reception8. If we are staying at the resort where we are getting money, can't we save money by using the resort's wedding planner?

• No, the resorts' prices are always much higher than our prices, even if they have a discount for guests.


9. What if we want a very traditional wedding ceremony far from home?

• That is not a problem. Our Web site understands that you know the traditional things available for a wedding. We are just showing you options that are more destinations specific.


10. Why do I need a professional videographer, my uncle does all the family videos very nicely?

• The professional videographers know how to get the shots in difficult lighting like a bright beach or dimly lit chapel. A professional knows how to get around the participants and without being noticed. The professionals know the angles to shoot. They know the locations and know how to stage the shoot for the best results. The best part of a professionally made video is that he or she knows how to put it all together so that the result tells your story and the audience is not sitting there wondering if it is ever going to end.


11. What can I do, my fiancé wants to go casual and I have always dreamed of wearing a beautiful wedding gown?

• The amazing thing about a Hawaiian wedding is the way blue jeans and wedding gowns go together, especially on the beach or in a garden. However, blue jeans are rather heavy for our climate. An elegant aloha shirt for him is a good alternative to a tuxedo or suit. There are matching shirts and dresses if you do not want to wear a heavy gown.


12. How can I protect my shoes from the sand and sea?

• Leave your fancy shoes for the reception. Bare feet, flip-flops, or barefoot sandals are all a part of the charm of a beach wedding. So are rolled up pant cuffs.


13. I want to surprise my fiancé with a wedding on our next trip to Maui, how can I do this?

• Gentlemen that may work. Some ladies appreciate the thought her fiancé has put into planning a wedding for her. Let's talk, we have done it before. See our Secret Wedding package.

• Ladies, this does not work well. It sounds good to you and you would like it if he did it for you, but remember men think differently from women. Surprise him with foregoing the elaborate wedding with a few hundred of your closest friends. Suggest a fun wedding on the beach.


14. Is it true that a long veil and train do not work well for a beach wedding?

• A very short veil or very long veil can be difficult to handle in the wind. A long train on a wedding gown can drag in the ocean.


Brides hair15. Why do I need a hairstylist and makeup artist, I am more of a casual natural girl?

• Our professionals will help you look your natural best. They know how to best beat the trade winds and humidity.


16. Isn't a way we can reserve a beach for a private wedding?

• Some beaches are more secluded than others are. There are beaches adjoining restaurants, resorts, and gardens that offer more privacy. All beaches, even those adjoining private property are public and anyone at any time can use them. Let’s talk about your concerns.


17. What if it rains on our wedding day?

• Different regions of the Maui have more rain than other regions. Different seasons have more rain than others do. There are only a few weddings that are canceled each year because of a major storm. When it rains, it usually rains for only a short time. There is usually some place on the island where it is not raining.


18. How do I hide a sunburn?

• You cannot hide a sunburn from the camera; it sees everything. Even the best photographer cannot touch-up a sunburn. Watch out for the sun.


19. Yikes, I see big dollar signs; how can we save some money, but not look cheap?

• One way to save money, yet still have an element, is in the bridal bouquet. Choose flowers that are in season. Rather than have exotic flowers in your bouquet, choose flowers that look exotic.

• Skip the celebratory toast on the beach. You cannot have champagne on the beach any way. Save the toast for your dinner later.

• We have more ideas; just ask us. The two of you are the most important element of your wedding.


20. When is Whale Season?

• December through March, but they can be unpredicable arriving as early as mid November and leaving as late as late April. To learn more about our fascinating friends from the North, check out Maui Whale Watching Tours.


21. When is busy season on Maui?

• The summer months when kids are out of school and around the major holidays.


22. What about my other questions?

• Just call or send an email. We are here to help make your wedding day perfect.


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