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   Maui Wedding Photographers & Cinematographers

Maui Wedding Photographers

Artistic & Documentary Wedding Photography for the modern and discerning bride and groom. Whether it be a portrait, or candid shots and video to be treasured for years to come, our experienced and professional photographers and cinematographers will bring out the beauty of your special day.

Natalie BrownNatalie Brown Photography

Natalie Brown is known for providing friendly, professional, yet unobtrusive photography for your special day. Hundreds of brides have had the fortune of experiencing Natalie's warm demeanor as well as her eye for beautiful Maui wedding compositions. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Natalie uses her technical skills and talents to make high quality wedding photography on Maui. Stills only
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Greg Hoxsie Greg Hoxsie

Greg Hoxsie is a self taught commercial, wedding and portrait photographer. His thoughtful approach to each wedding creates an environment whereby the events unfold in their own unique and natural way. His gentle coaching, lighting and composition skills result in images you might expect to see on the covers of bridal magazines. Photo only

Alhara Visuals

Kimberlee Aihara Compelling :: Romantic ::  Artistic 
With her flare for dramatic imagery, Kim documents the magic and romance of your wedding day.   Growing up in Hawaii, inspired by nature's grandeur, she has developed a distinctive stylistic approach.  Photo only


JoeJoe D'Alessandro

Joe D'Alessandro was Born and raised in New York City, Joe moved to Maui in 1985 and began his photography career doing weddings, conventions, advertising, PGA tours, and portrait sessions. His work has appeared in numerous national publications. Joe has photographed thousands of brides over the years and always maintains a cool demeanor and a creative eye. Joe brings a seasoned assistant with him to every shoot, using a variety of lighting techniques to achieve superior imagery. Photo only

Kaua PhotographyKa'ua Photography

Born and raised on Maui, Ka'ua has been creating images for over a decade with a degree in photojournalism and an artist's eye. Ka'ua captures those special moments of your wedding day. Stills only
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Nicole SanchezNicole Sanchez

Nicole Sanchez’s passion for photography began at the age of 15. Her first photography job was taking children’s portraits and working with a local wedding and studio photographer. After graduating high school two years early, she enrolled in college where she studied photojournalism. Nicole joined the college newspaper and magazine where she soon became photo editor for both school publications. Nicole’s experience is widespread. She has experience in studio photography, weddings, celebrity parties, and sports action, which includes extreme water sports. Nicole has won several awards for her photography and many of her photos have appeared in newspaper, magazine and Internet web sites. Stills only

Stewart PinskyStewart Pinsky

Photography, drawing inspiration from fashion, music and exotic travel experience, this husband and wife team's photography is funky, cutting edge and full of vibe.

Stewart and Trina will tell the complete story of your wedding day by capturing every detail and memorable moment with style and flair. Clients love working with them because of their warm personality, unique eye and concern for making every photo better than the last. Their gift for capturing life has been recognized by prestigious publications worldwide.

Sean Michael HowerMaui Wedding Medias

Sean Michael Hower and his associates specialize in the high-end photography and videography for weddings. His company's objective is to provide you with the best possible memory collection of your wedding day by capturing and refining the surreal experience. He has over 10 years of experience traveling the globe on assignment. Stills or Video
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Steve SlaterSteve Slater Photography

Steve Slater Photography has photographed over 500 weddings on Maui. Steve understands how important it is to be well prepared before the wedding; to arrive early to check out the location and the lighting, to meet the bride and groom and guests, and make to sure his equipment is set up to get the best possible exposures. More importantly, Steve's goal is to make the bride, groom, and the guests feel comfortable working with him. "If the bride is relaxed, she will be beautiful in her photos," Steve says. He also understands the current trend and has a very good eye for "photo journalism", that is, unposed photos, but he realizes that a certain number of formal shots are necessary also. Though Steve uses the latest in digital equipment and is highly skilled in computer applications, his most important attribute is getting all the necessary shots in a smooth seamless, friendly, sensitive manner. Steve's motto is "Prompt and Friendly", and you will be pleased with the handling of all aspects of your photography experience with Steve Slater Photography. Stills only

Francois Laborde

Francois Laborde

Growing up in France, Francois Laborde is no stranger to living the creative lifestyle. His earliest days as a professional photographer were spent traveling from Europe to the Caribbean and on to South America for French newspapers and magazines.

Francois uses his world experience to bring a fresh perspective to wedding and family portraits. He captures the fleeting moments and subtle interactions that make each photograph unique. His work is honest, playful and reflects the joy of families interacting together.

Based on Maui, Hawaii, Francois Laborde photography productions (FLP productions) has grown to include all aspects of post digital productions. At FLP productions we continue to expand and incorporate the latest technology. Photo only


FrankFrank Baranik

Frank Baranik is an ambitious young artist with a passion for photography and creativity. Born and raised in Czechoslovakia (Central Europe) where he developed love of art photography in his early years. At the same time as he became the graphics designer, he started his career as a professional wedding, portrait and fine art photographer. After more than 5 years of professional photographic experiences and hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions, he started Maui Professional Photography dedicated to provide outstanding artistic photography with excellent customer service. He is known for his contemporary and traditional/photojournalistic style, which give him the opportunity to capture every magical moment of wedding and special events with authenticity. Photo only


RichardRichard Marks

Richard Marks is an exquisite high end wedding photographer by Getty Images Photographer Richard Marks. Richard Marks' photos are distributed worldwide via Getty Images and Blend Images. His photos are also published in national and international magazines and are on CD's and DVD's of world class artists. Richard loves being a wedding photographer, family photographer and portrait artist. He delivers his photography in the spirit of loving and joyful aloha. Last but not least, Richard loves to share surprise gifts with all his clients. He serves his clients with a standard of excellence inspired by the words of Hawaiian Queen Kapi'olani: "Kulia i Ka Nu'u", which means "Strive for Excellence". Photo only



Steve SundramSun Maui Weddings

Steve Sundram an oil painter who also specializes in videos that are artistic, capturing the poetic beauty of this precious occasion which you will share and enjoy with your loved ones and friends for years to come. Stills or Video

MayraMayra has been shooting and editing videos for weddings for the last past 5 years. She loves to capture unique moments in peoples lives and has extended her videography to include promotional videos, dance, music, art events and all kind of celebrations.Using a high resolution Canon digital video camera and 2 wireless Lavlier Samson state of the art microphones, she makes sure the quality of her videos are of the highest standard.

"At SunMaui Weddings we specialize in videos which are artistic, capturing the poetic beauty of this precious occasion which you will share and enjoy with your loved ones and friends for years to come."


ThomasThomas Russak

Thomas Russak has been shooting and editing wedding videos on Maui for the past eight years. His company will capture your dream Maui wedding so you can relive each special wedding moment.

Carl RozyckiCarl Rozycki Videography

Carl Rozycki is a cameraman, editor and producer, specializing in wedding videos. He has created thousands of beautiful wedding videos for happy couples over the years. "Although I produce an average of 20 wedding videos each month, I treat every one as the very special occasion that it truly is. Taking advantage of the romantic scenery here on Maui, I create a video memory that captures the beauty and sentiment of this special time and place. Video only


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